FAIR BUILDING studio is an architectural design practice based in Poland. 

We create projects that empower COMMUNITIES, raise AWARENESS of important issues, have LOW-ENVIRONMENTAL impact and are easy to RE-ADAPT.

Each project is a team effort. We RESPECT WORKERS contributions and optimize projects to limit excess in both materials and human work.

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Here’s how our studio began!

In the early 2010s, fresh out of university, we visited construction sites. Seeing the lack of respect for construction workers, we thought: 'Why not give them a voice?’ That’s how our Fair Building project ended up at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale.

That project shaped our architectural practice. It made us realize what we want to do: use design to empower the overlooked—people, nature, and social issues.


We’re a small yet creative team of creators with backgrounds in architecture, design, and research.

Studio is lead by Dominika Janicka, is an architect, activist, and researcher. She did her architecture studies at ULB Brussels and the Tech University of Gdańsk, where she was recognized as one of the top 16 graduates in the faculty’s history. She’s worked professionally in Poland, China, Belgium, and Germany. On top of that, she teaches at the Design Faculty of the University of Kielce. Dominika’s also the Creative Director at the Institute of Design Kielce and co-founder of Bal Architektek.

Past and present collaborators: Martyna Janicka, Anna Kisiel – Jankowska, Patrycja Mróz.



Living the City Berlin: Who Builds Our Cities?

Future Architecture Platform Laureate

15th Venice Architecture Biennale: Fair Building at the Polish Pavilion

Milan Design Week 2016: Bus with us as part of Human Cities exhibtion


Überbau. Production Relations of Architecture in the Anthropocene:
a visual essay in chapter Work

The Shape of Green by Lance Hosey: a preface to the Polish edition

Buildings that became biedronka: a book